Be a T-shirt diyer,come on!

The hot summer is coming. It to time to wear T-shirts. In addition to going to shopping center or shopping online ,we can also design the T-shirts we want by ourselves.It’s called DIY. DIY is great, manifesting in random desire and sudden fantasy creativity, and killing boring time. Painting can cultivate people’s emotions, and so can DIY. When you relax yourself, it’s easy to forget anxiety and irritability.
Comfortable and beautiful living space needs to be built by myself. I am not tired of this, but I am willing to spend some time and energy to make some empty ideas and frameworks come true to prove my aesthetic judgment.
It’s cool. People will be surprised at how special your clothes are.

so,how to do it specifically? You need to prepare a pure T-shirt and buy your favorite stickers on If you want to design your own design, you can send the request to is a company specializing in heat transfer vinyl.