Do you know what’s heat transfer sticker?

You always see the various pictures on costume, stickers on costume are prevailing,you can see it on T-shirt,trousers, etc.Without it,we’ll look out of fashion,imagining that batman or other superheroes attached to your shirt, it’s cool.



  Then,do you want to know how does those stickers take shape?Next I’ll introduce some materiel for you.
  • Iron on sticker materials:
Soft and flexible iron on sticker (heat transfers) – an excellent choice for maximum the soft feeling.

Extremely thin and lightweight, soft and flexible iron on sticker is ideal for performance wear and thinner garments. It applies to virtually any type of fabric, such as cotton,polyester, bikini,spandex. Once heat applied, this material appears transparent allowing you to see through mesh holes. The thin polyurethane film features a soft hand after heat application.


  • Premium iron on sticker (heat transfers) – great for jersey logo and letter and number sets
Our premium iron on sticker is formulated to work on both light and dark garments. It has amazing stretch and rebound properties, excellent durability and opacity, and will not crack or peel.
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  • Flock iron on sticker(heat transfers)
1.A low-cost decorating alternative to embroidery.
2.features a suede-like finish that is perfect for fashion wear and for decorating sports uniforms.
3.Soft,velvet-like texture created from high-density fibers.
4.Adds dimension to sports and corporate wear.
5.Extremely durable with long-lasting color for light or dark-colored fabrics 6.Recommended fabrics: cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends.
Flock flower In a word,you can buy some heat transfer stickers and use home iron to paste on costume.You can learn it from here: Perhaps you wanna design picture,you can turn to with your requirements.