Durant sold California Beach Villa and bought a new property in New York

Kevin Durant sold his beach villa in Malibu, California, for $12.15 million, the Los Angeles Times reported. Durant recently bought a new property in New York, according to the Outdoor Terrace Network.


Durant bought the villa last year for $12.25 million. Considering the real estate handling fees and other costs, it was not economical for him to sell it for $12.15 million.


The villa was built in 1976 and has been renovated this year. It has three floors in total, with elevators on each floor. The villa also has an open living style, a dining room, a kitchen and four bedrooms, a cinema and a bar, and an SPA swimming pool outside.


I don’t know why Durant is eager to sell the villa, but it’s worth mentioning that he recently bought a new property in New York. According to bleachers, sources familiar with Durant’s off-site affairs revealed that Durant had bought a new house in New York and moved his belongings there.


Durant is now recovering in New York. According to Adrian Vonaroski, a senior ESPN writer, Durant will not execute next season’s player options and will become a full free agent this summer.


Although this serious Achilles tendon rupture may affect Durant’s future career, he clearly has full confidence in his prospects in the free market. Werner Roski revealed that Durant is now staying in New York with his broker and business partner Rick Cleman, who will evaluate options in the free market, and that all processes are now strictly confidential.

According to media reports, Warriors, Knicks, the Nets and Clippers are still bullish on Durant and are willing to offer top-salary contracts. Among them, the two teams in New York are the most active. The Knicks have always been interested in Durant. The Nets are expected to sign Kerry Owen this summer. Owen has reportedly met Durant twice recently and he is persuading Durant to join him in the Nets.


Under the NBA’s labor agreement, Durant could sign a five-year maximum salary contract worth $221 million if he chose to stay with the Warriors. If Durant chooses to join other teams, he will be able to sign up to a four-year top-salary contract worth $164 million.


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