Something to be said in the process of sock heat transfer printing

A customer came to inquire about the printing plate fee of sock heat transfer printing. Can two sock patterns with similar printing colors be made on the same printing plate (gravure)

After understanding, our answer is: Yes! But, there is a premise, when arranging the number of socks to be printed, the number of socks of the two patterns must be the same, not which pattern prints more, which pattern prints less. In fact, there’s no way to print more patterns or less patterns.

Something to be said in the process of sock heat transfer printing

At this time, the customer retorted: when printing socks in another printing factory, we can print multiple patterns at a time, and the number of prints for each pattern is entirely up to me. The owner of the printing factory will print as many patterns as I want. It’s not like the two patterns you said must be the same.

The description is as follows:

(1) Digital heat transfer printing, can be very free to put some different patterns, or even different colors of sock patterns arranged together for printing, the number of each pattern printing can be decided by the customer at will, because digital printing does not need plate making.

(2) In gravure heat transfer printing, two or more patterns (but must be of the same color system) of socks can be arranged on the same printing plate. Once the proportion between several patterns is determined, and the plate is made, it cannot be changed, because this requires plate making printing, which is gravure, and most of them are relatively expensive electrical engraving plates.

For example: two patterns with the same color system and different pattern are arranged on a printing plate. When proofing or making large goods, they should be put in and printed according to the same quantity. You can’t print 10000 pairs of this pattern, and 5000 pairs of that pattern will be finished. In that case, it’s too wasteful to print socks.

Digital heat transfer printing, because it does not need plate making, so there is no plate fee, but because the ink used for printing is expensive, the printing fee is not cheap. Gravure heat transfer printing, because to plate making, the operation is more complicated than digital heat transfer printing, and the cost of plate making is high, but the cost of printing ink is low, so the printing cost is low.

Therefore, before you decide to do something, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages, calculate the cost, and see which printing method is most beneficial to your cost.

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