Our side will often use to heat transfer processing, we are very familiar with it. When we are processing, we need to understand its use performance, know how to work each item, and prevent problems. We know that heat transfer printing is a new way to print pictures on other materials that we want to print. Heat transfer processing is especially suitable for manufacturing a few and characteristic products, as well as printing photos or pictures with rich colors. The principle of heat transfer processing is to print the required pictures on professional transfer paper through certain methods, Then through the high temperature method, the pictures on the transfer paper are printed on the pictures that need to be printed.

Different materials transfer out of the role is not the same, heat transfer there are two main types of one is film transfer another is to improve transfer. The reason why it is called rubber film transfer is that there are some gums on the transfer paper. After being heated, the gums are transferred to other media materials. The pictures transferred by using the good materials are very thin and beautiful. If the bad materials are used, the transferred pictures will be damaged simply and have certain viscosity. The pictures transferred are also relatively thick So beautiful. The improvement of transfer is a relatively new transfer method, and the selected materials are also relatively special. After this method of transfer, the function of transfer is very good, and it is very solid, which is directly raised to the inside of the object.

Heat transfer processing is affected by heat resistance and smoothness, so not all media can use heat transfer processing method for transfer. Now there are hundreds of heat transfer processing methods for transfer, such as clothes, hats, watches, tiles, medals, flags and so on, and with the development of skills, more materials can use heat transfer processing for transfer.

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