Before carrying out a work, it is necessary to understand its use performance, especially in the heat transfer processing, so that there will be no problems. I don’t know if you are familiar with the heat transfer process. It doesn’t matter if you are not familiar with it. Today, I’d like to learn the precautions of ink conditioning during the heat transfer process with you, as follows:

  1. When distributing ink, do not take part in the dark ink too much at one time, but gradually take part in it to avoid too deep color and make up with a lot of light color ink;
  2. Keep and mark the wet sample of the standard color ink, which can be used as the standard reference wet sample in the next distribution of the ink. In the distribution of ink with the color wheel side-by-side proofing is conducive to contrast, but the demand and because there are wet samples, so the accuracy will be higher;
  3. When the color phase is close to the color sample, be careful to participate in the ink during the heat transfer process, especially for those dark ink and ink with low share. Be good at using the relationship among primary color, intermediate color and complementary color to distribute ink;
  4. The more kinds of mixing, the darker the color, and our hot transfer skills demand so that we can use the primary color ink without the intermediate color ink, hot transfer can use the intermediate color ink without the compound color ink;
  5. It is usually concluded that the basic ink is light color ink, and then other inks are added, so that the demand of heat transfer printing skills can be well utilized so that the ink volume can not be too much;
  6. When the color is biased, the ink closest to the color phase shall be selected to participate. If the red color is not yellow, the golden red or orange red shall be selected, and it is not easy to participate in the yellow ink;
  7. The printing skills of heat transfer printing are integrated with the characteristics of post printing processing. If the print needs polishing, the ordinary ink can be selected. If the ink with good abrasion resistance is selected, not only the cost is high, but also the polishing effect is affected.

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