Take you to understand the heat transfer machine, let your operation zero error!

The function of printing machine in the process of heat transfer can be said to be critical. In the after-sale of art engraving, we found that many heat transfer processing factories and stores lack technical parameters and standards in the hot stamping process, which has caused huge losses. Today, I will share some technical parameters about the hot stamping machine with you!

First of all, before hot stamping, according to the requirements of hot stamping products and substrate, such as time and temperature, we should remember that no matter what products we want to produce, we must try to iron the sample first! The large-scale production can only be carried out after the small sample test is qualified. When it meets the expectation, the parameters of pressure, time and temperature can be determined. If there is any abnormality, the operation shall be stopped immediately until the fault and problem are eliminated.

It is also very important to adjust the level of the hot stamping machine. The floor of the machine should be flat without high and low ups and downs. It should also be against the wall. Use a normal test tool level! If the level of the hot stamping machine is not adjusted well, it is very easy to lead to safety accidents and half the effort!

Finally, we talk about the standard of hot stamping pressure. Normally, it is more than 0.2kg/cm2. But in practice, it needs to be flexibly adjusted in combination with fabric and other problems. Different manufacturers have different hot stamping machines in terms of pressure transmission mode, material selection and hot pad thickness!

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