How to remove the pattern printed on clothes by heat transfer?

Under normal circumstances, we all hope that the pattern of heat transfer printed on the clothes can be kept as long as possible, especially in case of fading and cracking. Therefore, we all know about this, and we will adopt some methods to keep the image longer. We have done an experiment ourselves. The heat transfer printing of non pure cotton clothes can be kept indoors for about two years. This is our exhibit, so we know it very well.

But there may be a situation, that is, when we are making, it may be due to some wrong operation or some unexpected circumstances, resulting in the transfer effect is not very good, for example, there is a position deviation, which is often encountered by everyone. So, a lot of people began to think about whether they could get rid of the image, and then heat transfer processing.

In fact, there is a way in theory, but in fact, the cost performance is relatively poor. No matter what, let me share with you first, what is the way to get rid of the patterns printed on clothes by heat transfer.

The first method: ultraviolet

Heat transfer ink is more afraid of ultraviolet rays, when we are exposed to the sun for a long time, it will lead to the decomposition of heat transfer ink, that is, there is a problem of color fading. You can use ultraviolet light to irradiate this, but the specific time is not very clear.

The second method: hand washing

This method is mainly for the heat transfer printing of pure cotton clothes. At this time, the surface is actually a layer of film attached to the clothes. As long as you scrub with your hands, you can wash the image off.

Finally, we don’t recommend the two methods mentioned above. The main reason is that the cost of clothes is not so much. If we take a lot of trouble, we won’t be able to restore the clothes to the way they were before the heat transfer printing, and we won’t be able to carry out the secondary processing.

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