How to maintain the heat transfer equipment

1、 Production environment

There is no high-power or radiation equipment around the inkjet printer, so as to avoid electromagnetic or electrostatic interference of other equipment and ensure stable operation of the inkjet printer in the thermal transfer printing equipment.

2、 Nozzle protection

To keep the nozzle dry and stable, the nozzle is the core component, about 80% of the failures are due to the factors of the nozzle, so maintaining the nozzle can greatly reduce the probability of failure. How to maintain the spray head? First, pay attention to the safety protection of the spray head, and do not collide or fall; second, do not dismantle the spray head without permission, and only after passing the professional training of our company; third, pay attention to cleaning and keeping the spray head parts clean and dry.

3、 Cleaning of inkjet printer

Clean the inkjet printer in stages according to the instructions and the actual situation. Procedure: after power off, open the case cover for overall dust removal.

4、 Shutdown precautions

Generally, the nozzle must be cleaned (KGK inkjet printer does not need such trouble). Although the imported inkjet printer has full-automatic cleaning function, if it is shut down for a long time and the production is interrupted, the nozzle must be cleaned. It is better to make the nozzle full of cleaning agent or solvent, so as to ensure the next smooth start-up, avoid clogging the nozzle, and the ink line is not straight, etc Barrier.

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