Common problems and solutions of garment printing

Common problems and solutions of garment printing

With the arrival of summer, many hot transfer practitioners have begun to make clothing printing. For some experienced friends, the production of clothing printing is relatively simple. But often for some novice friends, clothing printing is relatively easy to appear a variety of small problems, the following is made up by the reactive printing manufacturers, to introduce the common problems and solutions of clothing printing for you.

Garment printing

1、 It is quite common for clothing to turn yellow after printing. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows.

  1. Heating time is too long. As we all know, clothing will turn yellow after a long time of high temperature. This is mainly determined by the material of clothing, not unique in the heat transfer printing technology. Therefore, in the production of garment printing, we must pay attention to the time. Generally, 20-25 seconds is enough. Do not increase the heating time for fear of incomplete transfer.
  2. The cotton content of garment printing is relatively high. Many friends don’t know very much about the pure cotton material. In fact, the clothes we usually see tend to have a relatively low cotton content, generally 80. The less cotton content is, the less likely it is to turn yellow in the process of transfer printing. However, if it reaches more than 130, we should pay special attention to it, which often causes the phenomenon of garment printing turning yellow. Therefore, when choosing clothes, we must choose suitable ones, not just cotton content

2、 It is also common for the image to fall off after garment printing

Most of these problems are caused by the poor quality of garment printing paper. Clothing printing paper must choose some reliable companies. Do not be greedy for cheap. Using the clothing printing paper of some small manufacturers or companies that have just started to do heat transfer printing will often cause falling off due to poor quality.

We usually use Korean garment printing paper, which is recommended in transfer effect and firmness. Another situation is caused by the lack of pressure on the ironing machine. In fact, it is also a quality problem, so like the above one, you can go to the website of Guangzhou dafuxiang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to have a look.

3、 Maintenance after garment printing

In fact, garment printing is no different from ordinary T-shirt. The only thing we need to pay attention to is not to be exposed to ultraviolet for a long time. When not wearing it at ordinary times, it should be placed in a dry environment to avoid the image falling off due to moisture.

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