1. After choosing the location, make your own personalized image shop: one way is to make your own image for customers; the other way is to let customers “DIY” make their own image.
  2. Cooperation with wedding photography studio: this can save the link of finding customers, and it is also a relatively easy way. If someone prints or takes photos, we can recommend them as permanent souvenirs, which is a very meaningful thing.
  3. Cooperation with the school: why is it a good place to operate when choosing the location near the school? There are many reasons. There are many graduates in a school and every year. In addition, they often engage in sports meeting, group outing, festival party and other activities to increase students’ entertainment and extracurricular interest. This is a memorable thing We can undertake small batch business.
  1. Import high-quality products and gifts as auxiliary products: the introduction of these two things can enrich the store decoration, but also increase the income. Moreover, this investment does not need a lot, no need to increase the investment of human resources, in addition, it can reduce the business risk.
  2. Cooperation with individuals, enterprises and institutions, and advertising companies: cooperation with these units can promote the unified image products of enterprises. Enterprise advertisements, corporate gifts, meeting souvenirs, activity souvenirs, etc. we can process and make the single received by advertising companies.
  3. Cooperation with tourism companies or tourist attractions: in cooperation with tourism companies, you can make souvenirs for each group of tourists, and cooperate with tourist attractions. It’s better to have a small shop in the tourist attractions, so that you don’t worry about no tourists. Most tourists are full of wonders about everything, and are willing to pay a high price to make a meaningful souvenir.
  4. Special counter set up in the market: the shopping mall is a place with large flow of people. People will visit it every day, and it is also some people with economic ability to pay. It saves the important may day to find customers and makes your business easier.

The above pattern is not fixed. You can choose more ways and come up with more ways by yourself. In a word, as long as it’s business, as long as you are willing to use your brain to think about it, there’s nothing that can’t be done. The most important thing is to take the first step.


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