New York time, on June 8, it was officially announced that mortai Cunningham’s contract had expired and left the team. The following is the full text of the announcement. The match of CBA League in 2019-2020 season, which will resume on June 20, will be drawn in an empty nest.

At present, 90 basketball club, two foreign aid players, Cunningham and donatas motayunas, have left the team after their contracts have expired. The club sincerely thanks them for their efforts in leading the team.

I wish them a smooth career in the future, and mclem will continue to play. The remaining game after the debt, CBA League is the first professional sports event to resume since the fight against the upstarts and the pneumonia epidemic in China. The 90 basketball team will overcome the difficulties and go all out to forge ahead bravely. Thank you very much.

The fans and people from all walks of life dare to dream and think. Your attention is the strength of our sprint,

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